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Piña is a textile line that creates designs with and for awareness. We believe in the power of mankind and their freedom to be who they want to be. Do you? Use your mind, think for yourself, respect all forms of life and art, and be free! WE are the ones who can change the world. It’s up to us. Use your voice. Use your T-shirt. Spread awareness. Piña uses T- shirts that are made from 100% Recycled materials! 60% is Recycled Organic Cotton and 40% is Recycled Polyester.  We salvaged the cuttings from organic cotton textile production and plastic waste, shredded them and turned them back into soft cotton fibres. Our products are made fair, ecological, and they are made of different materials. Our Tees are labeled with the Fair wear and Fair trade label. These labels mark fair trade products, which are to support decent living and working conditions for the producers as well as an environmentally friendly process.



Welcome at the Piña textile website! Piña is a fair T-shirt brand who creates designs with and for awareness. Use your voice, use your T-shirt, change the world. Look around and pick a Tee in our shop.




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Fair Wear

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a non-profit and also independent organization, that works worldwide with factories and companies to improve labour conditions for garment workers. FWF requires 8 labour standards to protect the human ‘work rights’ of all workers.


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Fair Trade

Fair trade is about better prices, local sustainability, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.



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”I have many problems in my life.
But my lips don’t know that.
They always smile”
>>quote Charlie Chaplin




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Save the World

Our shirts are Recycled out of Recycled Cotton and Plastic Waste.
Ever wondered How its Done? Check out this Short Video!

Oops, English Translation over here!


‘How we recycle, recycled cotton with plastic waste’

“Mankind produces far too much plastic waste. All this waste is spread across the mainland to the ocean, where it threatens nature and animals. Alone in the Pacific, floats a ‘carpet of plastic waste’ as big as western Europe. By means of our good idea, we make fashion articles from this plastic waste. This new fashion brand called ‘Salvage’. For Salvage mode is picked, organic cotton fiber in the production process and cut and mixed with polyester residues from plastic waste, with the end result being a 100% recyclable polyester-cotton fabric. Out of this result, there are new fabrics and also colours woven and processed motives for clothing designs. So smart, so easy and so environmentally conscious. For ‘continental clothing’ it is very important, that they meet the requirements of ‘Fair Wear Foundation‘: For example, No child labor or any other forced labor. The whole proces is about fair working conditions and wages for healthy, non forced adult workers. Salvage, actually waste, now fashion. Join us, because every plastic bottle that ends up in our t-shirt can no longer pollute the earth.”